The research activities of PROBIOX concern the development of proprietary dietary supplements such as PROPILL™, a dietary supplement designed to fight against oxidative stress induced by oral contraception. After having shown that estrogens and progestins are responsible for the oxidative stress induced by oral contraception (D. De Groote et al, Contraception 80, 2009) a specific supplement formulation combining oligo-elements and polyphenols has been prepared. PROPILL™ has been tested in a randomized placebo controlled study. Results showed a significant improvement of oxidative stress parameters as well as of genes profile in the PROPILL™ arm compared to the placebo arm.
propillThe number of responders (showing a minimum of 35% decrease of oxLDL) is significantly higher in the group treated with ProPill™ (50%) compared to the placebo group (14.3%), to the Zinc alone group (0%) and to the quercetin alone group (0%).
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ProPill™ is patented in the USA

European patent is pending

PROBIOX is seeking for partners to commercialize ProPill™ in Europe
and in the USA