Clinical studies

Check the effect of an ingredient, a supplement or diet on different biological parameters of oxidative stress.

All analyzes are carried out by an accredited laboratory in accordance with established procedures.

PROBIOX provided all pre-analytical procedures to ensure the good quality and good sample preservation.

We offer a wide range of parameters (see catalogue).

Based on the chosen analysis, we can determine the effect of the test product on the oxidative stress score (OxYScore ™) of the subject. The change in oxidative stress is graphically illustrated by the evolution of the Rosette™ of oxidative stress.

Thanks to the  Oxygen ™ microarray, we can analyze the effect of the test product on the expression of about 200 genes that we have previously selected to act in oxidative stress.

PROBIOX can also advise on clinical study design and the selection of parameters.

A detailed report is provided at the end of the study.